Mermelada de Mango
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Wash, peel and cut the mangos into cubes, blend cubes until a compact pulp is formed. Pass it trough a strainer while mixing with a teaspoon untill you get the maximum amount of juice. Add Le Zuc and the lemon drops. Let stand for approximately 15 minutes.
Heat a pot at medium heat and add the pulp. Mix constantly with a wooden spoon for 20 minutes, paying particulat attention to the center and borders to avoid sticking, until you get a thick consistency. To make sure you get the desired consistency, put a tablespoon of jam onto a cold plate and draw a line with your finger, if it does not unite it is ready. Remove from the fire and put it in a glass jar until cool.
If you want to give texture to your jam you can cut small mango cubes and add them to your mix. Let it cool at room temperature.