Mousse de Café
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In a small container place half a cup of water and sprinkle the Jell-O. Let it stand for 10 minutes or until the Jell-O is hydrated.
Furthermore, dissolve the coffee in the milk. Place on the fire until it is close to boil. In a separate bowl beat the yolks together with ¼ cup of Le Zuc and beat until it thickens and clarifies.
Slowly add the hot milk while continuously stirring. Place on the fire. Stir continuously, drawing a figure 8, until the cream adheres to the spoon and when you pass a finger trough it, it forms a line that does not unite. It is important to get to this point and remove it immediately so it does not boil. Once removed from the heat, place the mixture in an inverted water bath so that it gets cold quickly, mixing constantly. Once the Jell-O is hydrated, place it in a water bath until it is well dissolved and incorporate the cream mixture.
Beat the light cream in a recipient with ice until it thickens and add to the coffee cream. Beat the egg whites together with the rest of the Le Zuc until they are firm and it forms a very consistent meringue. Then incorporate the half of the meringue, mix well to integrate. Add the rest of the meringue.
Let stand for 10 minutes and place it in the mold to refrigerate for a minimum of 4 hours.